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Subject-verb agreement is an essential aspect of writing that involves ensuring that the subject and verb in a sentence agree in number. This grammatical rule is crucial because, without it, sentences can be confusing and difficult to understand. In this article, we will explore some paragraph exercises with answers to help you improve your subject-verb agreement skills.

Exercise 1:

Instructions: Choose the correct verb form that agrees with the subject in the sentence.

1. Amanda and her sister (is/are) going to the concert.

Answer: are

2. The flowers in the vase (needs/need) water.

Answer: need

3. The group of students (has/have) finished their project.

Answer: has

4. Neither the teacher nor the students (has/have) arrived yet.

Answer: have

5. Each of the books on the shelf (is/are) fictional.

Answer: is

Exercise 2:

Instructions: Rewrite the following sentences correcting the subject-verb agreement errors.

1. The cat and dog chases each other in the backyard.

Answer: The cat and dog chase each other in the backyard.

2. The news on TV are always depressing.

Answer: The news on TV is always depressing.

3. The group of tourists were lost in the city.

Answer: The group of tourists was lost in the city.

4. Most of the furniture in the room were old and worn out.

Answer: Most of the furniture in the room was old and worn out.

5. The pack of wolves hunts for food at night.

Answer: The pack of wolves hunt for food at night.

Exercise 3:

Instructions: Choose the correct verb form in the sentences.

1. Neither the cat nor the dogs (seems/seem) to care about the noise.

Answer: seem

2. The news on TV (is/are) never good these days.

Answer: is

3. The number of tourists visiting the city (has/have) increased this year.

Answer: has

4. The list of names on the board (is/are) in alphabetical order.

Answer: is

5. The collection of rare coins (has/have) been passed down from generation to generation.

Answer: has

In conclusion, mastering the art of subject-verb agreement is crucial to effective writing. These exercises have provided an opportunity to practice and sharpen your skills. With consistent practice, you will be able to accurately use subject-verb agreement in your writing, making it more coherent and easier to read.